Who Is Stagger Shade Co.?

Who are we? We're adventurers, hikers, campers, hunters, fishermen, and conservationist. We started Stagger Shade Co. not for our love of sunglasses but for out love of the outdoors. So we set out to make a pair of shades that not only look and feel amazing but can also keep up with an active lifestyle, all without breaking the bank. Oh, did we mention they are 100% polarized?

What else do you get with Stagger Shades? You get top tier customer service, free shipping in the United States, free returns/exchanges, and a 30 day no questions asked warranty, yes even if you lose them or break them, we got you. 

When you buy a pair of Stagger Shades you not only get a pair of quality polarized sunglasses but you're also giving back. A portion of every pair of shades sold goes towards wildlife conservation efforts here in the United States. Whether it's our rugged polymer shades or our unique wood hybrids, wear your Stagger Shades proudly knowing you helped contribute to planting trees, bringing balance to delicate ecosystems, or helped conserve our valuable natural resources. 

We'll see you out there