"We'll See You Out There"- A letter from the owner

Conserve- a simple word with a deep meaning.  We started Stagger Shade Co. not because of our love for sunglasses but because of our love for the outdoors.

We’re not just a sunglasses brand, we’re a community. A community of hikers, hunters, fishermen, and adventurers.

Today I’d like to announce our plan to solidify our position within the outdoor community.

Starting this year, a portion of every sale will go towards wildlife conservation efforts here in The United States.

Wear your Staggers proudly knowing that your shades are helping preserve our precious natural resources, bringing balance to vulnerable ecosystems, planting new trees, and protecting endangered species.

The outdoors is where we’ve been called, the outdoors is where we will serve.

We’ll see you out there.



  • These are the tuffest glasses out there..hands down !!!

  • Actions always have spoken louder than words. The man and founder of this company if someone who I have personally grown up with in my early childhood and would consider one of my best friends in my life. He has a heart of gold, which shows in his family friends and his business. I challenge anyone to find a better more genuine company than Stagger Shades. It won’t happen. I’ll be placing many orders soon, friend. Thank you for everything that you’ve done and everything that you and the company will do to conserve our natural resources and wildlife.

    See you out there…

    Ben Daughetee

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