Hidden Gems- The Yurt At Viking Long Hall

Just a short trip down SR 32 (a little over an hour out of Cincinnati) in Peebles OH is a hidden and relatively unknown gem called the Viking Long Hall Campground. I stumbled upon this place in an article while I was trying to plan a weekend getaway. There are a few options for your stay, you can tent camp on the property, or you can stay in the cottage. Being that this was my first time "glamping", I decided to go all in and opt for the Yurt. I was not disappointed.
Yurt at viking long hall campground
Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by David, the property owner, who gave us a personal tour of the entire property including the yurt, which was almost breathtaking 
inside the yurt at viking long hall campground
The yurt has a queen bed and two other smaller beds, its decorated beautifully and has anything you could need while you're there. There's even a small generator that sits away from the yurt that powered a small fan to keep the place cool at night. Even had hiking guides, bug spray, extra blankets, legitimately everything.
I read every review before booking and several people said to just take your food and your clothes. Me being Mr. Prepared For Anything, it was hard for me to do but being that I was looking for a new experience, I decided to follow their advice. So I packed up my clothes, my food, and my cooler, that's all. I'm happy I listened because these guys have thought of EVERYTHING. The attention to detail at this place was unreal.

David checked in on us every now and then to see if we needed anything but let us have our space, he even brought coffee and muffins in the morning.
lantern at viking long hall campground
The entire property is strategically cluttered, what I mean by that is this place looks like you're standing in a real life Pinterest board, from the flowers, to the strategically placed candles and torches that light up the property at night, everything either serves a purpose or makes the property even more beautiful.
bath house at viking long hall campground
Even the shower and outhouse were pretty cool, yes that's right folks, outhouse. There's no electric or running water on the property but they've still found a way to make it comfortable for your stay, I've used some outhouses in my time, but this one was actually pretty nice.
Outhouse at viking long hall campground
The shower and outhouse sits on the front end of the property, so it's kind of away from other guests (if there are any).
axe throwing at the viking long hall campground
Oh did I mention there's AXE THROWING. I was left unsupervised with a cooler full of beer and axes, this alone sold me on this place.... Took me a while to get the hang of it... Okay I never really got the hang of it but it was fun trying.
view outside the yurt at viking long hall campground
So back to the yurt....Booking this place was only $150 a night and well worth it if you're trying to get away and unplug. All of the camping spots are separate from one another, there was another group tent camping on the property but we all respectfully kept to ourselves. The yurt however, is almost an entirely separate space in itself. It's tucked away by a stream, has a gas grill, a two level viewing platform built in a tree, a fire pit, and eating space.
picnic area at the viking long hall campground
David came around at dusk and lit all the candles and torches. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture at night that really captured how beautiful this place was all lit up after dark. Having all the candles lit up inside the yurt was gorgeous.
Outside the Long Hall
And then there's the Long Hall... Ok so one reason I loved this place is because it was built to party, literally, they bought this property to have parties.. but the Long Hall was a spectacle in itself. Decorated will all things viking, it felt like walking back in time.
Inside the viking long hall
There's so many good things I could say about this place, and there's so much to do on the property, from exploring the creek, playing Kubb (my new favorite game), playing on the slack rope, or just throwing axes for the afternoon. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to get away. You could take an entire group or just get away all by yourself.

Anyone that wants to check it out, you can check it and the other listings out on HipCamp.Com

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