Camping Hacks 101

Camping season is about to be in full swing, so why not throw out some of the tricks we've learned along the way.

When I was a kid, camping was LIFE! On any given weekend my parents would load us up and we'd head south to Kincaid Lake State Park. I would take off on my bike and my parents likely wouldn't see us until it was time to eat. Now that I'm a dad, I want my girls to have the same connection to the outdoors that I had as a kid and still have today. From my days roaming the campground years ago, to living and learning as an adult, we've certainly picked up some pointers. Wether you're planning your first camping trip or even if you camp every weekend, this article has something for everyone. 


Fire Starters

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the best at making fire from nothing. There's nothing more frustrating than spending a half hour trying to get a fire going only to burn my last piece of newspaper and still not have a solid fire. This is why I always have a fire starter. You can buy them commercially, you can get them off of Etsy, or you can even make your own. There are several types of fire starters but the concept is pretty similar, mix wax or petroleum product with wood, paper, or cotton. The wax will slow the burn of your solid and will also create a larger flame. This will save you tons of time and frustration when you set up camp. 



Eggs In A Bottle 

This is something my wife came across on Pinterest and we've done this ever since. Egg cartons take up a lot of space in your cooler, they also can easily get broken while you're out camping, so prep them before you go. Crack your carton of eggs into a large bowl and whisk ( I also add a splash of whipping cream). Once you've beaten the eggs pour them into a bottle or mason jar and tighten the cap. You can apply the same concept for pancake batter, just put some dry instant batter in a bottle or jar then add water and shake. 


Coffee On The Go

If you're one of those that just HAS to have your morning cup of coffee, this one is for you. Lugging around an entire coffee maker just isn't practical or you may not even have electric. This hack makes for a quick cup of coffee and takes up very little space. Take a standard coffee filter and scoop out enough ground coffee for one cup. Take the filter filled with coffee and tie it up with a piece of string or twine and Voila! Boil some water over the fire, put your filter in your mug and steep for a bit, remove the filter and enjoy.

Microfiber Towel

This is a great item to keep in your camping bin or in your backpack, microfiber towels are extremely absorbent, dry quick, and they take up very little room. 

Portable Shower Bag

If you're really roughing it, you don't have to skip showering. These bags have actually been around quite some time. We used them when I was a kid when we would camp somewhere without water or electric. You simply fill these bags with water and lay them out in the sun. The bag is made to absorb the sunshine and heat your water for a nice warm shower. 

550 Cord and Carabiner 

Ya'll... I cant stress this enough, if you're staying in a 40 foot RV or if you're in a pup tent on a hunt in Montana, please take a bundle of 550 cord and two carabiners. You have no idea how may times this can come in handy as convenience or even in a survival situation. It's very inexpensive, do yourself a favor and always have this in your bag. 

Condense Your Spices

There's a few ways to knock this one out. You can do it DIY or you can simply buy it at the store. Either way there's no reason to lug around an entire spice rack. I LOVE to cook, and when I cook at home the 4 spices I use the most are salt, pepper, garlic, and cayenne. This multi-spice pack can be picked up at any big box store or you can build your own. 

Polarized Sunglasses  

What... You think I was going to hammer out an entire post and not at least throw some Stagger Shades at you? Seriously though, sunglasses are an important thing to keep with you, while you're out you certainly don't want to break or lose your $200+ pair of sunglasses from "the other guys". Grab some Stagger Shades, 100% polarized and built to stand up to the outdoors, and reasonably priced, plus you're helping fund wildlife conservation efforts!


Hope this helps! we'd love to hear your favorite camping hack! Drop us a line below!

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